In 1991, VON recorded the demo Satanic Blood with material taken from the years 1987-1990. All music was composed by Jason Ventura (VENIEN) and Shawn Calizo (Goat). All lyrics were written by Shawn Calizo (Goat)


  • Artist: VON

  • Project: Satanic Blood

  • Title: Satanic Blood (Demo)

  • Audio Format: Cassette Tape

  • Packaging Format: Cassette Case

  • Edition/Qty: Ltd 200

  • Cassette Tape Release Date: 1992

  • Illustration: Goat


  • 01. Devil Pig

  • 02. Veinen

  • 03. Watain

  • 04. Lamb

  • 05. Veadtuck

  • 06. Satanic Blood

  • 07. Christ Fire

  • 08. Von

Release notes:

  • Originally released by VON

  • Track title Veinen was an incorrect spelling from original and correct spelling VENIEN

  • Track Von re-named Blood Von in later versions

  • Joey Allen filled in and recorded bass sessions for VENIEN

VON - Satanic Blood (Digital Demo)


Cat/Sku#: VR D0002

Artist: VON
Project: Satanic Blood
Title: Satanic Blood (Demo)
Format: Digital
Original Release Date: 1992 (Cassette Tape)
Digital Release Date: 2009
Illustration by: Goat

Devil Pig (Satanic Blood Demo Version)
VENIEN (Satanic Blood Demo Version)
Watain (Satanic Blood Demo Version)
Lamb (Satanic Blood Demo Version)
Veadtuck (Satanic Blood Demo Version)
Satanic Blood (Satanic Blood Demo Version)
Christ Fire (Satanic Blood Demo Version)
Blood Von (Satanic Blood Demo Version)

Recording Lineup:
Shawn Calizo (Goat aka Von & S. von "Black Cactus" Goat) (vocals | guitar)
Brent (Snake) (drums)
Joey Allen (Kill) (bass)
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Written by VENIEN & Goat
© Von Properties L.L.C.